IAME – LAME$TREAM 4.03.2012

I’m excited to announce that my new album, Lame$tream, will be available on April 3rd via Heaven Noise Recordings! Lame$tream will be a FREE download (or you can name your own price if you would like to support). There will be some exclusive packages including bonus songs and remixes that will be available for purchase. There will also be an advance streaming of the album over at heavennoise.com so be on the look out for that. We have some other surprises for you as well, so stay tuned..

For those of you who prefer an actual CD, physical copies will be available by May 1st. Pre-order your copy on April 3rd and you will get the digital album & the bonus material to bump while you wait.

Lame$tream is post-swag music for a new day and a new wrong.  Produced by Smoke M2D6, this album will make apocalyptic ruins out of dance floors, subwoofers, and all that we hold dear within our popular urban culture.  Guests include Sapient, N8 the Gr8 (The CUF), Onry Ozzborn (Grayskul, Dark Time Sunshine), Candidt, Toni Hill, Poeina Suddarth, and DJ Spark of Sandpeople.

New videos, leaks, and more fun stuff coming soon..  In the meantime, here is a free song/video that some of you might already have.. this is a bonus song that is not going to be on Lame$tream but it’s a good introduction to the album:

 Download “Word Processor” for FREE here.


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