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Transparency. I released a new video today which, like many other videos I’ve made, features my humble abode (though I’ve had a few different abodes over the years). I don’t feel too weird about letting strangers in the crib via the internet, but it’s weird that more people have been here on youtube than in real life. This has me thinking about transparency, a term we hear quite often these days pertaining to the fields of business, art, and politics. I figured it might be interesting to make the whole process of this video and song as transparent as possible. Process.

The song was written & recorded in early 2010, when I was working on what would become Lame. I began working on Lame and LameStream simultaneously because Smoke was supplying beats that seemed to belong to two different worlds. LameStream was a simple concept – same premise as Lame but with more of a mainstream feel. Sure, there is some element of mockery involved but the truth is there are plenty of things I enjoy about mainstream music. One difference between the two albums comes down to rhythms; Lame is more of a head nodding album, while LameStream will be an album that people might actually want to (dare I say) dance to… I know that some dudes who listen to me might read this and be like “you’re losing me lame.” But just think yo, girls like to dance. And we like that. Actually, there will probably be plenty of songs that nobody will dance to.. so never mind. Another difference is that LameStream feels a little more electronic with a lot of ambient keyboards and stabbing synths. It’s a little moodier and darker than Lame.. I don’t know, I’m very tired. Sorry for the shitty descriptions.

“Word Processor” is a good introduction to the new album but – transparency – I’m not sure if it will actually end up on LameStream. It might. I look at it as more of an unofficial leak at this point. It fits well though.. Its most mainstream-esque quality is probably that the hook plays such a strong role in the song structure. The more it goes on, the shorter the verses get. I’ve done enough wordy songs. This one contains less words, but it’s about words. Irony is in there somewhere.

The song contains random references to drinking and failed missions, leading into a promise of “out with the old, in with the new.” The weird part is that I never knew how true that statement would be when I wrote the song. Some people might remember my “diet consisting mainly of fast food, nicotine/Pabst Blue, sticky green.” These lyrics are from a long time ago but they pretty much summed up most of my adult life until 2010. Things change. About 6 months after recording “Word Processor” I’d become a sober vegetarian (two completely separate things that I merged into one description) which is a lifestyle I’ve maintained to this day. Some people know that about me but many listeners don’t. Ambiguity has been a result of me continuing to release music I made before that transition.
This was a decision I struggled with (releasing the music; sobriety is obviously a constant struggle) but ultimately decided that the past isn’t worth censoring. Besides, the music I release is generally 2-3 years behind where I’m actually at as a human being. Transparency. Now you know.

As for the video, it was a simple concept I had that ended up turning out pretty cool thanks to Dast (Sandpeople videographer/website guru/homie).. Kate helped too by being in charge of special effects. MZA provided hand drawn “word” titles that were way better than I anything I was hoping for. The pages you see in the video date back about 14 years to when I was a little baby rapper.

I designed the cover art which looks kind of shitty (transparency) but also authentic.. google the old blue DOS screens of yesteryear if you don’t believe me.

I got about 2 hours of sleep last night thanks to a slow computer and a lot of necessary uploading, typing, and emailing. Process. It seems like releasing a free song and video shouldn’t be that stressful but these days “free” doesn’t really mean what it used to, does it? Instead of your dollars, best believe I’m working for your listens, views, shares, posts, likes, etc. That’s the new chump-change for an artist. If we get enough of those it might start to turn into some real money.. like enough to pay rent for the crappy apartment you see featured in my videos.

Hat by pxpmission.com, hoodie by concusscreations.com, shirt by hivesinquirysquad.com, couch by ikea.

Carry on.



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