Xmas Lights & Adventures.

Hello people of 2012. I’m not going to bore you with all of the details of my Xmas vacation. I enjoyed my break from Oregon, facebook, twitter, and rhyming. Kate and I visited some of my family, but the most exciting thing we did was hit up Disneyland (not on broke-rapper money, in case you were wondering). This was our family’s present to us, and it was really cool since we never had a honeymoon or anything like that. Highlights include:

– Seeing a father and his teenage son sharing one seat on the Matterhorn ride.. The kid was sitting in front of his dad, between his legs and pressed up against his junk.. the best part was that the kid was all hunched over and looked super ashamed. If he would have just looked like everything was normal, it would have just been kind of creepy.. but instead it was hilarious.

– I saw that one crackhead dude from Crazy Town.. (I hope that when you remember who Crazy Town is you end up getting “Butterfly” stuck in your head like I did).

– Tribute to Captian EO.. nuff said. (if it wasn’t nuff said for you, learn more here)

– Kate got kind of crunk off some super-overpriced drinks with glowing cubes in them.. In fact, there were all sorts of awesome, glowing, bright things happening.


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