“Thy Will” revisited

I put this out in May but the song/video was really inspired by winter in Portland. So many people here are struggling.. Obviously that isn’t just a local problem but we have a pretty sizable homeless population.. Our weather isn’t too harsh most of the year, but some of these cold winter nights have to take their toll. As a song, “Thy Will” goes in a lot of different directions. I would say the main idea behind it is that there are forces that we can’t control or explain.. and whether we call this luck, science, God, the universe, karma, etc., it doesn’t matter because it will do what it wants. It’s sort of a waste of time to fight about the specifics.. Everyone’s life is affected by outside forces.. blah blah blah.. Existential ramblings.

Shouts to Wordsmithjr who directed the video.. We clearly had no budget, but he put in a lot of work and I think it shows in the footage.. I feel like we got our point across without using any special affects. We wanted to show some powerful images without exploiting people, so we just basically walked around the city for 2 days filming.

Below is another video he did for producer/MC/homie Tope (check out more of his music here)


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