“Lame Xmas” – Taco Neck feat. IAME

A few weeks ago Pegee 13 asked if I wanted to do a Christmas song produced by his alter-persona/group Taco Neck. Pegee isn’t the first person that comes to mind when I think of holiday cheer but Willamette Week’s music editor Casey Jarman reached out to him and asked if he would contribute something to their annual Another Gray Christmas compilation. I’m glad I could be involved. I’m a fan of Christmas despite the machine of industry that surrounds it and the blatant materialism that it often promotes (I want an ipad for Jesus’ birthday!). This song is fictional.. hypothetical might be a better description. It’s inspired by everything that is very real to me at this moment – working for small amounts of money and struggling to keep my life together..but with a Christmas theme.

Also, this is my first blog post. Hope you enjoy.. Once again, this song is produced by Taco Neck with Aaron Bixby on the bass. All proceeds go to p:ear (helping mentor homeless youth). You can buy “Lame Xmas” for $1 or the entire compilation for $5 (which I recommend, on account of the whole liking Xmas thing). Peace & Merriment.

“Lame Xmas” – Taco Neck feat. IAME


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